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Chapter 6 - "To My Mother's Clinic"

[Warning: This chapter mentioned a slight depiction of suicide.]

Thankfully, Xie Chi wasn't driving his car when he heard his uncle saying that he would surprise Old Master Song with a child, or else, there would be a news flash in a few hours about him dying in a car accident.

Stiffly looking at him, Xie Chi cautiously asked: "Uncle... Do you want me to get an appointment with a brain specialist? I think you need one badly."

Song Yu Han coldly swept a glare at him before resuming the car. He smirked soon after and replied, "Why don't I get you an orthopedist instead?"

Xie Chi shuddered and quickly shut his mouth. He didn't want to be beaten up by his uncle until his bones creaked and he had to wear a cast for a year.

As the car continued on the road, Xie Chi suddenly sat upright and glanced at him.

"Where are we going?"

"To my mother's clinic."

Xie Chi fell silent.

Song Yu Han's mother wasn't the legal wife. She was the current Master Song's first love and childhood sweetheart. When they were young, the two of them were inseparable and even considered marrying each other when they grew older.

However, things didn't go well in their destiny as Song Yu Han's mother's family fell bankrupt after the assistant of the patriarch of the Lu family (SYH's maternal family) sold their assets and shares to their rivaling company in secret.

This assistant was someone that the Lu family trusted so deeply that they even treated him as their own family. His family even got bountiful benefits without lifting their hands. Yet, this white-eyed wolves and ungrateful bastards stabbed the Lu family on their backs and ruined such a great Lu family.

Not only a few weeks after but the Lu family's wealth and reputation were also drowned in ruins. They were thrown out of their mansion; all their houses, villas, and apartments were taken from them. Their bank accounts were even frozen by the Chief Police officer's orders, who was part of the Meng family, the assistant's family.

In the end, Song Yu Han's family was laughed at and mocked by everybody. They don't even have a face to show to anyone when walking down the street!

At that time, Song Yu Han was already conceived inside Lu Tingting's womb, Song Yu Han's mother. Because of a mistake, she ended up sleeping with the already married Song Ruan.

Lu Tingting didn't know what to do. She loved Song Ruan, but he was already married to a woman and had two children. She didn't want to ruin his family and wanted to hide Song Yu Han's existence from him and from the Song family.

But who knew that when Song Yu Han was already seven years old, Old Master Song came knocking on their humble and small door. Lu Tingting initially wanted to deny everything, but Old Master Song showed her the paternity test he had already conducted even before this meeting.

Xie Chi shifted on his seat and felt choked up when he thought of his uncle's history. He wanted to pat the other, but for fear that his hand would be cut off before he could even touch him, he refrained from doing it.

You might think that Song Yu Han's mother, who was Song Ruan's first love and sweetheart in the past, would get her well-deserved happy ending.

Unfortunately, this was the only beginning of the horrible fate of Song Yu Han's mother.

At the hands of Song Ruan's wife, Lu Tingting's reputation was smeared once again. Everyone called her a 'slut' and a 'homewrecker' and 'mistress.' But that wasn't the worst.

In the end, Song Yu Han's mother decided to take her own life and threw herself off a bridge while there was a storm. Her body wasn't found even after a month of looking. And sadly, it was only Old Master Song who did everything just to find her.

The clinic was just a few meters away from where they were when Song Yu Han parked and stepped out of his car.

Scrambling to his feet, Xie Chi followed him inside the clinic.

Once the nurse standing behind the counter saw Song Yu Han, she spread her lips into a wide motherly smile.

"Xiao Han is here!" The old nurse rounded the counter and warmly hugged the tall man in front of her. "You should have called me before coming here. If my husband finds out, he'll get mad at me!" the old nurse jokingly scolded him.

Xie Chi wanted to stop the old nurse from coming forward and stop her from touching Song Yu Han since the latter didn't like anyone touching him or getting close to him. Even Xie Chi was reserved towards him out of respect and fear.

The last time someone dared touch his uncle, that person broke his arm and had to be hospitalized for a month.

'Old Ma'am! You're in danger!' Xie Chi screamed in his heart.

However, he didn't think that not only Song Yu Han didn't break the old nurse's arms. Song Yu Han even stretched out his arms to accept the mother bear hug.

What was happening?! Xie Chi's jaw dropped to the ground at the sight of him and the old nurse hugging each other.

At this time, while the two were hugging each other as though they were a pair of loving, adorable mother and son, and Xie Chi, who might need a stretcher because of shock, a woman dressed in casual attire exited the doctor's office after a consultation.

It was none other than Ran Xueyi, who had just finished her insemination procedure.


Author has something to say: Yay! Another daily update (wipes sweat).

There's a reason why ML is cold and heartless to everyone else aside from the people he really considered his family and friends.

This is a slow burn romance, so don't expect to get a time skip so soon and see Baobei who's currently swimming around and looking for an egg XD. Expect revenge theme in the story >.<

  1. Lit. meaning is 'Little' or 'Small'. An intimate way to call someone by adding it before their names. Example: Xiao Han (Song Yu 'Han') or Xiao Xueyi (Ran 'Xueyi')