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The Chubby Rich Daughter's Counterattack

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Chapter 1 - “Murder Attempt"

"The Second Lady is dead. What should we do?"

"Hmph! What are you panicking about? With her death, I will be the one who gets to marry Young Master Yan."

"But what if the madam discovers what we've done?"

"There are no buts. If you dare to tell a soul, you can kiss your brother's medical treatment goodbye."

When two muffled voices reached Song Jiaren's ears, Song Jiaren couldn't help but frown, but she couldn't open her eyes no matter how hard she tried.

After some amount of time, she snapped awake all of a sudden as she gasped for breath and her heart was pounding.

Her surroundings were pitch black. She wriggled her body, which felt extremely heavy, and it ached from time to time.

What was going on?

The last thing she remembered was that she had just received the highest distinguishment in the medical field. She had taken a sip of water right after receiving the award, but choked to death right afterwards.

After such an absurd and sorrowful incident, she could already imagine tomorrow's news headlines being "The Young Medical Genius Chokes to Death on Water".

The door of the room was suddenly flung open, and sunlight shone into the room.

Song Jiaren closed her eyes reflexively. When her eyes adjusted to the light, she saw that she was lying on the ground. There was a young woman in a white dress standing at the door. Her physical appearance was demure, but the fierce expression on her face gave her a different vibe.

"Ghost… a ghost!"

A shrill shriek sounded from behind the young woman. It was only then that Song Jiaren saw another young woman standing behind the young woman. After she saw that Song Jiaren had woken up, she fled in fear. Only the young woman and Song Jiaren were left staring at each other in the room.

Song Youyou looked at Song Jiaren, who was on the ground, and the vicious look on her face disappeared. She asked with concern, "Sis, why are you lying on the ground?"

Song Youyou acted like she was concerned, but didn't try to help her up.


Song Jiaren felt a little mystified as she looked at the unfamiliar girl.

Perhaps she transmigrated?

Song Jiaren recalled the muffled voice she had heard earlier and her instincts told her that this young woman wasn't well intentioned.

"I suppose you know best why I'm lying on the ground," she said tentatively.

Song Youyou's expression stiffened as she said, "So you remember everything, don't you, Sis?"

Song Jiaren looked dumbfounded. She didn't know anything, but she couldn't give that away at this moment.

"What do you think?"

Song Youyou's expression was a bit unpleasant, but she didn't panic. She sneered as she said, "So what? No one will believe you even if you tell them. Why didn't you die just now?"

Her tone of voice was filled with resentment as she approached Song Jiaren.

Song Youyou didn't hide her vicious intentions at all. She held a bottle in her hand and approached her. "Sis, now that you're dead, I'm the only daughter of the Song family. You've disgraced the Song family, so why haven't they abandoned you yet? I'm better than you in every aspect, so why do they still want you to marry Young Master Yan?"

Song Jiaren moved her hand discreetly, and when she was about to strike out, she grabbed her hand. When she saw her own palm, Song Jiaren couldn't help but widen her eyes in astonishment.

Was this swollen hand really hers?

Before she could contemplate it any further, Song Youyou pressed the muzzle of the bottle in her hand and a stream of liquid sprayed out like perfume. However, it made Song Jiaren feel dizzy.

The smell made her draw her breath, and her face flushed. She felt like she was suffocating.

Alarm bells went off in Song Jiaren's head. Whatever was in the bottle was poisonous. She had been able to distinguish various herbs from their scents since she was young, but this time, she couldn't tell what the drug inside was.

She felt somewhat suspicious.

The dizziness weakened her grip. Song Youyou seized the opportunity to press the spray in her hand again and smugly waited for Song Jiaren to die.

Song Jiaren bit her tongue to keep herself awake, then at that very moment, she seized the opportunity to flip over and pressed Song Youyou to the ground.

She had deliberately feigned weakness just now in order to get Song Youyou to let her guard down.

She was able to subdue Song Youyou without much effort because of how heavy her body was. She reached out and pinched the hegu acupuncture point on her wrist.

Song Youyou cried out in pain and glared at the chubby Song Jiaren, who was on top of her. The bottle in her hand fell to the side.

"What are you two doing?" The aloof voice of a male sounded.

The two people grappling on the ground turned their heads at the same time. Song Jiaren's eyes lit up at the sight of the handsome young man.

"Song Jiaren, are you trying to bully Youyou even though you're injured?"

Before Song Jiaren could ponder the meaning of his words, she was flung to the ground by him.

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