Chapter 5 - Memory

Next Day.

It was 9 a.m. when a man with short black hair, wearing glasses, came into the room.

Scarlett was surprised to see how neatly this man was dressed; he wore a black suit with black leather shoes even though today was Saturday.

He must be the one Xander sent to get her.

She looked at the man with a questioning gaze. Before she wanted to ask, she heard his respectful voice greeting her.

"Good morning, Miss Piers."

"Just, Scarlett! Please, you must not say my last name. I forbid you—" Ordered Scarlett. For some reason, every time she heard her last name, her head became dizzy.

"This…" The man hesitated. How could he call his future master's wife by her first name!? He was sure his master would punish him if he did that, right!?

"Please, can you do as I ask?" Scarlett continued after noticing the man seemed reluctant.

The man had no other choice after seeing how firm Scarlett's gaze was. Finally, he agreed to her wish, "Miss Scarlett, my name is Logan Lee, personal assistant to Mr. Riley."

Scarlett was stunned. So Xander's last name is Riley!? Xander Riley.

She smiled secretly. One of the questions that had bothered her since last night was finally answered. She would google his name later and find out who her husband-to-be was.

Last night, she didn't have time to check her cell phone. The battery was running out, and she didn't have the charger. She would check when she got home.

"Hello, Mr. Lee, it's nice to meet you…."

"Miss Scarlet, what do you ask? I do the same," Logan smiled politely before continuing to say, "Please call me Logan... No need to use Mister or my last name."

Scarlett was speechless, and simultaneously, she felt amused to see Logan's attitude toward her. It looks like they will be close in the future. She kind of likes his personality.

"Logan, nice to meet you. You came to pick me up, right?"

"Yes, Miss."

"Okay, let's go..." Scarlett walked out of the room. She walked towards the elevator while Logan walked behind her. "Logan, you already know my home address, right?"

"Yes, miss. I know." He finished investigating this woman when his master brought her personally to this hospital. He still can't believe his master liked this woman and asked her to marry him.

Her appearance was completely different from the type of woman his master liked. This woman looks a bit tomboyish with a short pixie haircut. Her hair color is too bold — ash gray. He believes that color is not her actual hair color. And her carefree outfit, ripped jeans and an oversized shirt, does not match his master, who always wears his best clothes—a clean-cut suit.

This is the first time Logan has seen his master not make a rude comment about someone's outfit. Even though his master usually hates being close to women who don't look elegant and beautiful.

Why did Master Xander choose this woman out of many beautiful, hot, and famous women lining up to be his companion!?

This is the big mystery that Logan has faced since becoming Xander's assistant.

Scarlett frowned at Logan's words.

Now she was curious: how much does Xander know about herself?

She knew that Xander must have done his homework—dig into her background. Maybe he also already knows how much money she has in her bank account.

'Gosh! The rich people of this country are terrifying.'

The slightest mistake she made, then her life would be over.

If it wasn't because she had problems with her parents, she wanted nothing to do with Xander Riley. She would stay away from a man like him.

The trip to her house went so smoothly.

They didn't talk much in the car because Scarlett was busy thinking about what to say when she met Lauren and her father.

Soon, the car stopped right in front of the house.

She didn't leave the vehicle immediately, but her eyes caught sight of the whitewashed two-story house. The look in her eyes could not be described in words. There were too many happy and sad memories left in her heart while living in this house.

The sudden death of her mother when she was five years old was a heavy blow to Scarlett. There were only a few memories left in her mind. All those memories were like treasures to her. She will never forget it.

But her memories of this house were ruined after her father remarried with Lauren. The damn woman came to her life while she was still grieving. That woman not only took her father, but she also took over the house.

Slowly, Scarlett's perception of this house changed. Previously, this house held beautiful memories with her birth mother. But now, those memories have been replaced with sad and dark memories. 

It was hard for Scarlett to be able to return to this house after what happened yesterday.

All this time, she hoped that Lauren and her father would change. However, now that hope has vanished. She no longer wished to unite this family into the one she had dreamed of as a child—she saw no light at the end of the tunnel.

Her decision was unanimous. She wanted out of this house. Leave this island and start a new life without any disturbance from that damn woman and her father.

After taking a deep breath, Scarlett looked at Logan sitting behind the wheel.

"Logan, you may come in. But I hope you didn't say anything…" she answered Logan's question, which she had ignored earlier.

"Miss, don't worry. I'll stand quietly at the back." Logan smiled. He was relieved because before coming to this place, his master had asked him to follow Miss Scarlett into the house.

His master knew the story between Miss Scarlett and her parents, and he worried about letting her go alone to the lion's den.

"Alright! Let's go." Scarlett got out of the car. She opened the gate, and to her surprise, a middle-aged maid was already waiting for her at the door.

"Young Miss… you've finally returned. Quick, get inside. Your father is raging. He has been angry since last night because you suddenly disappeared. They will report to the police if you don't show up…" said the middle-aged maid in a panicked tone.

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