Chereads / Big Shot Little Jiaojiao Breaks Her Persona Again / Chapter 13 - She's Clearly Powerful

Chapter 13 - She's Clearly Powerful

The moment Chi Yan saw Chi Jiao, hatred filled her eyes.

This b*tch still dared to act weak? She was clearly so powerful!

"Dad, it hurts." Chi Yan turned to look at Chi Mingwei, her eyes turning red instantly.

Chi Mingwei stared at Chi Yan with a deep gaze, before beckoning Chi Jiao over with his hand. "Come here, Jiaojiao."

Chi Jiao strode over to Chi Mingwei in small, quick steps.

"Your sister said that you hurt her?" Without waiting for Chi Mingwei to speak, Zhu Limin asked impatiently with a solemn expression.

Her children were her pride. They were her everything.

She would cradle them in her mouth if not for the fear that they would melt, or break if she held them in her hands.

She couldn't even bear to touch Yanyan at all. She didn't expect that this country bumpkin from the mountains would injure her precious Yanyan the moment she returned!

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