Chereads / The Male Lead is Obsessed with Me (Book 2) / Chapter 6 - The Prince: Rin Saito

Chapter 6 - The Prince: Rin Saito

"How are you feeling?" I felt a jolt of electricity that traveled my spine just from the cold baritone voice alone.

"Prince Rin," I tried to move away but he just pulled me closer, my back against his chest.

I realized I was brought into his chambers, and we are now wearing just our night robes.

We are both in a sitting position, his back was resting against the headboard while I was resting on his chest.

His arms were around me, securing me in place, such that I can't get away.

I wonder what is wrong with the prince, he is not supposed to act this way in the novel.

He never even touched the villainess after they got married, he was too cold, like an icy glacier that can never melt. For years the villainess tried for both of them to fall for each other, until she finally gave up on the idea of her own husband ever responding to her.

So why is he suddenly cuddling my chubby self, I wondered as his arms did not give any sign of letting go.

"Prince Rin, why are you hugging me so suddenly?" I asked him even as I felt hot just from the feel of his warmth on my skin.

The prince smelled really nice, he smells of roses combined with vanilla and chocolate. I'm drooling just from his scent.

"You were suffering from a terrible fever while you were unconscious, so I'm just giving you some of my body heat," he whispered against my ears.

It is true, the prince is some sort of a healer too. Knowledgeable even beyond his years, extremely well-read, and no doubt the most elegant. I often wondered if there is anything he can't do, truth be told... he was everything I ever wanted.

So when I wrote about him, I wrote about the typical character I fall for in a novel or in an otome game. He is an icy cold tsundere. The perfect epitome of the word.

This is the reason why I feel like I'm going to faint just from being held so closely in his chest like this.

"I think I'm okay now," I tried to wiggle myself out of this situation, but he won't even let me a centimeter away from him.

"I'm the healer here, so stop moving and listen to what I say," Rin said in a hoarse voice, his deep baritone just making my heart do summersaults.

"But I feel so much better now," I protested and still tried my best to get away from his warm inescapable hug.

"Princess, don't do that again. It scares the hell out of me. Don't come doing insane things such as jumping from a high cliff, I nearly lost my mind waiting for you to wake," Rin said, his lips almost touching the back of my neck.

My core heated in anticipation as I felt every cell in my body become awake. All because of Rin Saito. The raven-haired prince with eyes the color of the darkest night.

"Did you hear what I'm saying," he said, this time, his lips landed on my neck and I quivered in sheer delight.

"My prince," I tried to get away, almost being able to stand and flee, but alas he pulled me back in. His reflexes are second to none.

"You smell so good, Maru," he said as I fell on his lap.

"Maru, stop moving. Stop trying to run away," he said as his arms secured me on his lap.

I instantly became aware of the feeling of a poking object inside his trousers, just making itself felt through my silk night robe.

"My prince, please...." I said as panic takes hold of me. My mind is going blank ever since I became aware of that rock-hard thing pressing against my thigh.

"Shhhh, are you scared of me now? Are you scared of what I can do? Have you forgotten you are to be married to me, Maru? It wasn't the duke or the butler whom you should spend your time with. Most of all, it should be with me," the prince whispered and I felt his hot lips directly on my skin.

"Please, my prince. I'll be more careful with my public appearance. I won't taint your reputation," I said, remembering the reasons he said for killing the villainess in his alternate romance story.

"My reputation? I don't care about my reputation, Maru. I care about one thing and one thing only. I care about you," and there he was, his tongue licking my neck, then his lips were circling on it, sucking, kissing, making love to that small corner of my neck until he was satisfied he has marked me as his own.

"Please, my prince... Ahhhhh... don't do this. This is not like you, please my prince," my mind clouded once again, as gasps and moans filled his chambers. I didn't even know I can make those sounds.

"I like how lewd your moans sound, Maru. I would love the halls to be filled with your sounds of desire. Let them hear how much you wanted me. How much you desire me most of all, let them know that you are mine," my eyes immediately looked at the door which has been deliberately left open by the prince.

Guards were outside, obviously not permitted to take a peek, but it will be a miracle if they did not hear. Also, the halls are made of stone walls, carrying the sound further.

I immediately understand what he was trying to do, just five rooms from the prince's chambers is the duke's resting chambers. He was given that room every time he visited the castle.

"Please, the door... Please, my prince, don't do this, this is so unlike you," I pleaded, begging him to at least close the door.

Instead, the prince laid me on his bed, and now his crotch area was pressing directly against my core.

"Do you like that, Maru? Do you like how hard I am for you? Do you not realize I am so much better than the duke? I waited for you Maru, I refused to touch anyone else but you. So tell me, do you not know how much I ached for you, all these years?"

Even when clothes are preventing penetration, I can feel his weight and his herculean size just directly pressing against my core.

"Prince, this is not you. Please, please stop this, my prince," I begged once more even as I saw the glint of madness in his eyes.

"You think I don't feel anything for you at all? That when I look into your eyes all I see is an obligation, that I'm just as cold as ice as the world painted me to be? Then tell me, Maru, do you not feel this stone-hard evidence of my desire? Do you not see how much I wanted to devour your mind, body, and soul? I want you Maru... crazy... obsessively so... and I want you to want me too."

x x x x

He did not take me last night but he made sure to mark the visible parts of my skin with bruises from his lips, love marks as they call them.

His lips just suck, lick, and taste every part of me that has never been touched by anyone before.

I felt my face get flustered as I recalled the events of the night. Of how I shamelessly let out moans after moans and sighs after sighs. Of how he told me over and over, that I am his. I am his alone.

I regretted ever falling into the cascade of waterfalls that made me feverish and sick. If not for my own stupidity, I would not have suffered the unprecedented embarrassment last night.

"Stupid Maru, you will get yourself killed!" I cried out in frustration.