Chereads / Daddy CEO's Beloved Wife / Chapter 5 - Am I Getting an Uncle, Then?

Chapter 5 - Am I Getting an Uncle, Then?

At this moment, two men were stepping out of an elevator into an underground parking lot.

Both men were noticeably tall and handsome, making the passersby who were walking towards their parked cars pause in their steps and look in their way.

"Oh my."

"Look at the two of them. Are they celebrities?"

The women in the parking lot gasped loudly and squealed in delight.

One of the men was slightly smaller by a few inches from the other, and had the face of an angel with bright eyes that made anyone want to befriend him. The other man was the opposite of the cheerful man as he exuded a darker and dangerous aura from the way he walked and moved.

The man was dressed in a black suit, the tie around his neck was neatly flowing in front of his chest, and one side of his red-wine handkerchief was peeking out from his front chest pocket.

His wickedly handsome face showed a lazy expression as he made his way to his Mercedes-Benz car. Under the fluorescent lights of the parking lot, he was like the Grim Reaper catwalking in front of everyone.

Hearing the murmurs and whispers from around him, the man narrowed his eyes but proceeded towards his car.

"Yu Han, where are you heading? Can I have a free ride to the company?" The slightly shorter man asked the taller man.

Song Yu Han glanced at him and cocked his head to the red sports car beside his Mercedes Benz, "Your car is there."

"But I want you to drive me. My feet hurt after running around the city because my mom chased me to meet the girl she picked as my dinner date." The shorter man pouted and adorably blinked his eyes as though he was imitating a puppy.

Usually, his adorable act would move several people's hearts and surrender to his whims. Unfortunately, the man he was asking was none other than the third young master of the Song family who was dubbed as 'the Devil' by people who witnessed how wicked and dangerous he was.

As expected, Song Yu Han closed the door to his car with a loud sound.

"Hey! Don't leave me here!" The shorter man exclaimed and quickly opened the door to the other side. Thankfully, it wasn't locked, and he comfortably leaned his back on the soft leather chair.

As the car got out of the underground parking lot, the shorter man felt choked at the silent treatment he was getting. He decided to liven up the mood and reached out to put rock music on.

Just as he was about to press play, he heard the other's voice speaking to him.

"If you don't want to be thrown out while the car is speeding through the road, do not touch anything in my car." Song Yu Han turned his head and gave the other guy a smile that didn't reach his eyes.

Shuddering at his smile, Xie Chi retracted his hand as if he was touching boiling oil in a pan.

"Haha... I thought you might want to listen to a song while driving..." Xie Chi laughed awkwardly and safely hid his hand away.

The suffocating silence returned as the car drove through the road unhindered and only stopped when the traffic lights turned red.

As someone who would rather court death than shut his mouth and die while speaking to someone, Xie Chi opened his mouth to speak.

"Uncle, I heard from my mother that great-grandpa is forcing you to marry someone. When will you grant great grandpa's wish?"

Old Master Song was a strict old man who held the business world with an iron grip in his era. He was known for biting and never letting go of any opportunity to earn money that was given to him when he was younger.

When he grew older, he let his son take over his position and became a normal grandfather who dotes on his grandchildren.

And now, his target was Song Yu Han, who was his favorite grandson. At the age of twenty-six, Song Yu Han never got involved in any scandal; unlike his other brothers and sisters, he remained obstinate and single.

Because of this, Old Master Song was greatly concerned over his grandson's health and asked many experts about him. He asked many if Song Yu Han would get married and have several kids, but these experts could only shake their heads as they, themselves, were unclear about Song Yu Han's future.

As Old Master Song's time was getting shorter, he told Song Yu Han that if he doesn't get married and have a child within that year, he will not get his inheritance when Old Master Song leaves this world.

"What about it?" Song Yu Han remained nonchalant towards this matter.

Xie Chi scratched his nose and replied, "He's getting older, Uncle. Are you going just to let him leave without seeing you get married and have kids?"

Their grandfather wasn't getting younger. When will he settle down?

Song Yu Han tapped a finger on the steering wheel and lazily blinked his eyes. Then, he said, "You don't have to worry about it. I already have plans."

"Really? Are you getting married this year? Am I getting a new Aunt?" Xie Chi excitedly turned to him. Xie Chi was Song Yu Han's nephew from his sister. Naturally, he was glad and excited to see this scary uncle of his get settle down.

Before Xie Chi could jump around like an idiot, Song Yu Han doused the fire in him with cold water and said, "No, you're not getting a new Aunt."

Xie Chi choked up for a moment and was stunned. Then, he had a hard time speaking.

"...A-am I getting a new Uncle, then?"

The car abruptly stopped. It became colder and more difficult to breathe inside it.

"Do you want to die?"

Xie Chi: "..."

Xie Chi shook his head vigorously and cried for his mom. 'Mom, save me! Uncle wants to kill your beloved son!'

"T-then, what do you mean by you already have plans?" Xie Chi cautiously asked.

This time, the cold and suffocating air in the car decreased and relaxed.

Song Yu Han chuckled and said, "I'm planning to surprise grandfather with a child."