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Chapter 4 - Contract Marriage

'You may think I'm crazy, but that's okay. At this moment, I had indeed lost my mind. I'd rather marry a man I don't know for one year than be the forever wife of an old pervert like Mr. Frans! And thank God this man is handsome too.'

One-year Contract marriage? Who cares!?

Scarlett decides to accept Xander's offer.

It's just a contract marriage, and she could arrange it, so no love and marriage-related contacts are involved.

Only marriage on paper.

No harm to herself or anyone else.


Even though it was almost dawn now, Scarlet and Xander still looked fresh. Now, the two sat in the seating area discussing the marriage contract — terms and conditions.

"Now, let me hear your terms and conditions!" Scarlett said as she smiled at Xander, sitting across from her.

This man became even more charming after taking off his suit. He only wore a white slim-fit shirt—he rolled his sleeves to his elbows.

Her eyes couldn't hide her excitement when she saw his strong arms. She silently swallowed while trying to calm her noisy mind.

'Calm down, Scarlett! This man is unattractive… This man is ugly!' She was busy enchanting her mind so as not to be bewitched. 'Gosh... It's hard not to fall for a god-like man like him.'

Scarlett shook her head slightly and looked at the dark sky outside.

Xander did not realize that the girl opposite him was peeping at his beauty.


Scarlett heard Xander's charming voice, making her turn to look at him again.

"I have three conditions. First, this marriage contract is only valid for one year. After one year, we will divorce, and you can do whatever you want. Don't worry... you will get some money and property after we get divorced."

Scarlett "..."

She doesn't need his money anyway. But if he insisted on giving her, she would gladly accept.

"Second, there will be no romance between us, meaning we will sleep in different rooms even if we live in the same house. But, in public, we must look like husband and wife, especially in front of my family."

Scarlet nodded. She didn't mind his condition.

"And lastly, you couldn't have a lover during the year we were married. Do you agree?"

"Agree!" She is too lazy to start a relationship. For her, romance only takes up a lot of her time.

"Perfect!" Xander didn't expect this girl to be so easy to talk to. He starts to like her.

"What about you? What conditions do you want to put on the contract?" His eyes were sharp on Scarlett, anticipating her request.

'This girl must have a lot of requests, right?' He wonders. 

"Only one thing. As long as we are married, I want to keep working." She will be busy in the next few months. She has many new projects ready to be done. And as happened before, she could spend months in her office.

Xander was shocked to hear that this girl only had one request. She looks different from most girls he's ever known.

"Of course, you can. That's all?"

"Hmm… that's all." Seeing that Xander looked surprised on her terms, Scarlett hesitated.

'Did I misspeak? Should she ask him for a lot of money or something?' 

"Why do you look surprised?" Scarlett asks.

"Nothing. All right, I'll prepare everything. Then, regarding your family matter, I will solve it. But, you need to move with me to the capital..."

'Capital? So, he is from Cloudfort!?'

Scarlett couldn't hide her happiness, knowing Xander was also settled in the capital. Coincidentally, she had decided to live in the Cloudfrot after finishing her studies at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology.

She's been setting up her new office since the early of the year, and a few days ago, she got word that the office was ready. After a month off on this island, she couldn't wait to go to work.

"You don't mind moving there, do you?"

Scarlett shook her head, "Coincidentally, I set up my office there long before this shameless incident. So, of course, I don't mind." She smiled. 

Xander nodded. So everything is in order now. He only needed to call someone to arrange everything.

"Is there anything else you'd like to ask?" He asked again.

Scarlett was reluctant to ask, but this question had bothered her ever since. She had to clarify this before they got married.

"Yes, I have."

"What is it?"

"Are you—" Scarlett clenched her hand, worried her question would offend him. "Are you… some… underground criminal organization lord?"

"W-What!?" Xander nearly choked. How could this girl think he was a mafia lord?

This was the first time he met a woman who didn't recognize him, even though his face often graced television and business magazines in this country.

'Did she never read the news in this country? He doubts it.' He talks inwardly while feeling regretful about rejecting a few interviews from the media. 'Looks like I should receive more exclusive interview offers."

Xander makes a note in his mind to remind his assistant to call the media tomorrow—It seems the media needs to work hard to promote his face.

Xander cleared his throat before satisfying this girl's curiosity, "I'm not an underground anything lord. I'm just a businessman, a legit businessman. You can google my name if you want to know about me."

Scarlett, "..."

'Geez! Scarlett Silly Piers, stop embarrassing yourself in front of him...' Scarlett could only scold herself in her mind.

She flashed her best charming smile to show how sorry she was for accusing him of being a Mafia Lord.

"Sorry…" she said in a barely audible voice.

Xander's lips curved slightly into a half smile. His eyes were still on her, "Miss Scarlett, it's late. You should sleep more—" He paused when he saw her raise her hand as if to tell him to stop talking. He frowned.

"Xander, I call you by your name, but you still call me that?" A faint smile appeared on Scarlett's face. "I'm sure we're only one year apart in age, right? So, there's no need to use 'miss' before my name."

"Well, I'm older than you. It's just that God blessed me with a face that looks youthful."

Scarlett, "..."

"H-How old are you? Should I call you big brother?" Instantly, she felt it would be impolite to address him using his name. All this time, she thought that they were only one year apart.

"Next Month, I'm 28."

'Hmm... five years apart, not much. But he is so handsome! God, you favor him too much!!' 

"Scarlett, tomorrow I will send someone to pick you up. He will take you home. You can pack up and settle your grudge with your father. As for your father's company matters, you don't need to interfere. I will take care of it..." Xander explains all of his plans.

Scarlett was surprised. This man is efficient. Even though they had just agreed to do a contract marriage, his plan was neatly arranged. It was as if he had planned this a long time ago.

"Okay. I have to go now. See you tomorrow..." He stood up from the sofa and walked towards the door.

Scarlett also stood up and walked over to walk him to the door.

"Xander, when will we register the marriage?" Scarlett asked before Xander left the room.

He stopped and looked at her, "When we arrived at the capital. We're going straight to the marriage registry office." He then walked away, leaving Scarlett frozen in place.

'That fast? The day after tomorrow, she will be his wife!?'

"Hey, Xander, wait—" Scarlett was speechless because the cold man already entered the elevator.

She shook her head and closed the door behind her.

Being alone in this ward somehow made her heart ache again. She felt tired and sad simultaneously while remembering what had just happened to her.

"This is the best decision!" She smiles while walking towards the bathroom to clean herself before continuing to sleep again.

She need a good night's sleep to prepare for a battle with the vile and shameless woman she had called 'mother' in the past few years.

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