Chereads / Lord Chu’s Wife is Wild / Chapter 7 - Ghosts in the Lu Family (2)

Chapter 7 - Ghosts in the Lu Family (2)

Madam Liu got up, walked to the door, and locked it again.

After confirming that the door was locked, she turned around.

However, the moment she turned, the securely locked door suddenly opened again.

Lu Ning screamed once more, and Madam Liu was instantly paralyzed.

She could feel cold sweat forming on her back, and she could barely take another step.

Lu Ning cowered on the bed and said to Madam Liu, "She must have returned!"

At that time, Lu Sheng, who was standing behind Madam Liu, suddenly tore away her Invisibility Talisman. She lifted her head and menacingly smiled at Lu Ning.


Her scream cut through the entire Liu Yue Village. When everyone heard her voice, they opened their doors to take a look.

Lu Sheng put the Invisibility Talisman back on herself and secretly left the Lu Family.

It was enough to scare Madam Liu and Lu Ning once. She had to scare them a few more times.

Lu Dahua was already in a bad mood. When he heard Lu Ning's consecutive screams, he felt even more irritated.

"Da… Dahua, there are ghosts in our house!" Madam Liu hurriedly said as she tugged Lu Dahua when she saw him coming out.

She was afraid that Lu Dahua would be suspicious, so she did not dare to say that the 'ghost' was Lu Sheng.


Lu Ran entered from the courtyard. He coldly smiled and said, "The ghosts are probably in your hearts."

Lu Dahua glanced at his son, then asked Madam Liu what had happened.

Madam Liu recounted the entire process.

However, she only mentioned that it was a female ghost throughout and did not mention Lu Sheng at all.

That year, it was Lu Dahua and Madam Liu, who had caused the death of Madam He, Lu Sheng's mother.

Madam He had only caught a slight cold, but they had secretly added arsenic into her medicine.

In the end, Madam He had died because her illness could not be cured.

When Madam Liu and Lu Ning mentioned seeing a female ghost, the first person whom Lu Dahua thought of was Madam He.

Hesitating for a moment, he told Madam Liu, "Go to the Bai Ma Temple and invite a priest to our house to take a look."

When Lu Ran heard this, he coldly laughed and returned to his room.

He still had to search for Lu Sheng in the town the next day, so he could not be bothered with them.

At dawn, the next morning, Madam Liu and Lu Ning hurriedly set off to Bai Ma Temple to invite a priest.

All the villagers had heard Lu Ning's screams the previous night. When they heard that the Lu Family had gone to invite a priest, they guessed that there were ghosts in the Lu Family.

Some people even said that Lu Sheng disappeared because the ghosts had hidden her.

Otherwise, how could she disappear so easily?

Everyone in Liu Yue Village knew that Lu Sheng had a timid personality.

She would not even dare to lift her head when talking to others. How could someone like her have the courage to leave her home?

Hence, no one in the village believed that she had left home to look for Duan Zhen in town.

When afternoon arrived, Madam Liu and Lu Ning led a priest dressed in blue robes to their home.

The priest circled the Lu Family's courtyard and asked Lu Dahua to prepare the materials needed for his spell.

Everyone in the village surrounded the entrance. They curiously watched them to see if something fishy was really going on in the Lu Family.

Lu Sheng, who had just put on an Invisibility Talisman on herself, was also in the crowd, watching the scene with a smile.

Lu Dahua placed an altar in the courtyard. He laid a little incense burner and other materials needed for the spell on top of it.

After a while, the priest stood in front of the altar. Holding a wooden sword, he closed his eyes and started to mumble.

He looked quite legit.

Lu Sheng excitedly watched the scene.

She could tell that the priest was slightly skilled. However, she was much better than him.

The priest suddenly opened his eyes and looked at Madam Liu, Lu Dahua, and Lu Ning.

With a furious gaze, he suddenly pushed everything off the altar.