Chereads / Big Shot Little Jiaojiao Breaks Her Persona Again / Chapter 11 - Brother Is a Good Person

Chapter 11 - Brother Is a Good Person

Quan Jue didn't take the sandwich. His beautiful face was filled with indifference and fatigue, and it seemed to spell out the words "I'm really impatient right now".

Chi Jiao didn't mind it as she continued to smile at him.

"Take it." The girl's soft and sweet voice seemed to be laced with sweet liquor that could make one easily intoxicated.

While the people around them were still looking at them, Quan Jue suddenly thought of Chi Jiao's disheartened figure as she departed dejectedly yesterday.

If he rejected her in public, would she start to snivel?

At this thought, Quan Jue quickly took the sandwich from Chi Jiao's hand. He then walked past her and left in his slender legs.

Chi Jiao's eyes followed Quan Jue until he had walked out of the living room before slowly returning to her seat.

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