Chereads / Big Shot Little Jiaojiao Breaks Her Persona Again / Chapter 4 - This Trash Is Not Worth Her Anger

Chapter 4 - This Trash Is Not Worth Her Anger

"This child." Zhu Limin glared at Chi Ze in a seemingly unhappy manner. "How can you say such things? Hurry up and apologize to your sister!"

"Butler Zhou has already introduced everyone to me earlier," Chi Jiao ignored Chi Ze completely and whispered to Chi Mingwei.

When Chi Ze saw that Chi Jiao was not angry at all, he felt as if he had punched a bed of cotton.

This country bumpkin was so boring!

"Didn't you hear what your mom said? Hurry up and apologize to your sister," Chi Mingwei said as looked at Chi Ze coldly. He didn't want Chi Jiao to be unhappy on the first day she was back, either.

"Dad, Mom, why are you so fierce to Little Ze?" Chi Yan spoke up instantly. "Little Ze is just a child, and Jiaojiao is Little Ze's sister. She's older than Little Ze by so many years, she will definitely not hold it against him. Am I right, Jiaojiao?"

Towards the end, Chi Yan smiled at Chi Jiao.

She wanted to gradually let Chi Jiao know that even if her father loved her, there was no place for her in this family.

Chi Jiao curled her lips and looked deeply at Chi Ze with her dark eyes. "Of course."

Chi Ze was stunned by the coldness in her eyes.

But when he blinked and looked at her again, he realized that she had regained her calm expression. It was as if the chill he felt earlier was just an illusion.

"I'm going to the art studio to practice." Chi Ze didn't want to stay here anymore. He stood up and ran upstairs quickly.

"This child has been preparing for a personal art exhibition recently. I heard that the AC art studio will be sending someone to attend Little Ze's art exhibition. Little Ze's idol is AN, so he has been working hard on this recently," Zhu Limin explained to Chi Jiao with a gentle smile, but the pride in her words could not be concealed.

Chi Jiao looked at the invulnerable smile on Zhu Limin's face as dark waves surged in the abyss of her clear, innocent eyes.

If she hadn't seen with her own eyes how vicious this woman was under her gentle and virtuous appearance in her previous life, Chi Jiao would have been easily charmed by her appearance.

Her family was destroyed, and she was buried alive. This woman played an indispensable role in all of this.

She was really curious. After tearing apart Zhu Limin's beautiful skin, before the rottenness hidden in the dark was exposed to everyone, would it make her life worse than death?

After all, this woman regarded vanity as her life.

"If there are no accidents, Little Ze should be able to join the AC art studio to learn. With his talent, he will be chosen by AN sooner or later. If AN becomes his master, his future will be limitless," Chi Yan interrupted appropriately.

"Yan Yan, your mentor, Lin Mu, called and said that you must make a trip down to the laboratory today. It's getting late, so you should hurry over." As she spoke, Zhu Limin looked apologetically at Chi Jiao. "Jiaojiao, we're supposed to have a meal together as a family today. But as you can see, your sister joined S911's laboratory not long ago, so she's quite busy. We'll have a meal together another day to welcome you. You're quite free anyway, so you'll have time whenever."

"I'm not free at all," Chi Jiao said unhurriedly as she looked at her.

This woman was the best at stabbing people with her words. Her words earlier were trying to insinuate that she was a useless person.

However, Chi Jiao was not angry at all. This kind of trash was not worth her anger.

Zhu Limin did not expect Chi Jiao to respond in such a way. Stunned for a moment, she then covered her mouth and laughed. "Look at me, saying such words. You've just arrived in White City, of course you'll want to walk around and familiarize yourself with the environment here. This place is completely different from Mount Li. There are many things you haven't seen before. When the time comes, let Butler Zhou take you around."