Chereads / Big Shot Little Jiaojiao Breaks Her Persona Again / Chapter 9 - Afraid to Cling On Too Tightly

Chapter 9 - Afraid to Cling On Too Tightly

"Brother?" Quan Jue's thin lips curled up coldly when he finally noticed the way Chi Jiao had addressed him.

He bent down slightly. His handsome and flirtatious face approached Chi Jiao gradually.

Chi Jiao felt a warm breath on her cheek, causing the little bunny in her heart to become restless again.

This young man was truly an alluring demon.

"Does your father know that you are calling me 'brother'?" Quan Jue asked slowly. His dark eyes, terrifyingly deep, held the girl in front of him in place.

Chi Jiao shook her head.

She just felt that based on their current relationship, it was more appropriate for her to call him brother.

"Don't try to get close to me using your words. I'm not your brother, and I don't like you at all," Quan Jue continued coldly.

The smile on Chi Jiao's lips froze as if she had suffered a huge blow. Her thin shoulders trembled slightly.

She looked just like a bullied cub.

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