Chereads / Daddy CEO's Beloved Wife / Chapter 4 - Song Yu Han

Chapter 4 - Song Yu Han

The man stared at Ran Xueyi coldly. He didn't reply to her.

On the other hand, the bartender behind the counter was sweating profusely, but because he was standing in front of the two, he couldn't even dare try to wipe his sweat away.

'Miss Ran, you can't say whatever you want in front of this man!'

But Ran Xueyi turned a blind eye to the warning that the bartender was shooting in her way. Or rather, she was utterly engrossed in her one-sided conversation with the handsome man.

"Do you have a girlfriend?" she repeated her question.

However, the man didn't reply the second time again.

Ran Xueyi was confused.

She knew she was extremely brave and shameless for trying to pick up guys in public, but what could she do? She was desperate to put her plans into action. She wanted revenge and made everyone regret doing this to her even if it meant destroying her reputation, which they had already ruined.

Ran Xueyi felt the man try to take his hand back, but she pulled it towards her. The man was gentle towards her even after her shameless question, and because of that, when she pulled him, they almost collided.

Thankfully, the man stopped himself before their bodies hit each other.

After steadying themselves, the man swiftly took his hand out of her hold.

Ran Xueyi gave him an awkward smile and said, "I'm sorry."

The man finally opened his mouth and said: "It's alright."

"...And I don't have a girlfriend."

At first, Ran Xueyi thought that he would get angry at her. If he were mad at her for touching him without his permission, she would gladly accept it since it was her fault. However, she didn't expect that he would answer.

Ran Xueyi was stunned for a moment. Then, she said, "Then, can I be your girlfriend?"


The bartender: "..."

Ran Xueyi stared at the bartender.

The two of them looked at each other without saying anything. The only sound that was inside the bar was the sound of the hushed voices of the waiters cleaning the tables and floor.

A minute later, the bartender put a new glass filled with vodka in front of her and said, "Miss Ran, it's alright. Don't take that man's words too seriously. It's just that he's someone who would rather die single than have a girlfriend."

Ran Xueyi was surprised and asked, "He's gay?" Before the bartender could reply, she added, "No wonder he rejected me."

For some reason, the bartender felt his knees weakening and turned into a puddle underneath him. He wanted to cover her mouth so that other people wouldn't hear her words lest someone reports it to that man.

Ran Xueyi furrowed her brows as she saw the strange expression on the bartender's face.

"Do you know him?" asked Ran Xueyi.

The bartender solemnly nodded.

"He's Song Yu Han."


When Ran Xueyi returned to her car, she slumped in her seat and covered her face with her hands. Her ears turned red as she remembered what she had done and said to Song Yu Han inside the bar.

'That man was Song Yu Han! How could I be so stupid and try to hit on him?' Ran Xueyi regretted it a lot.

Song Yu Han was the third son of the current head of the Song family. The Ran and Yang family might be very rich in A city and considered one of the top 10 families in the A City, but it could not compare to the Song family, which was one of the top 3 families in the country.

Two years ago, Ran Xueyi saw him at a party. Song Yu Han was standing in a corner, but it was as if there was an invisible wall around him that no one dared approach him. He is really handsome and very tall with his 193 centimeters (6'3ft) height; he was someone that people wouldn't forget when they laid their eyes on him.

But at that time, Ran Xueyi's attention was all over Yang Baihua. So, she didn't take his charm into her heart and eventually forgot about him.

Now thinking about it, it seems that Ran Xueyi treated a stone like a diamond when the real diamond was just before her eyes!

However, this wasn't the time for her to remember how stupid she was for treating Yang Baihua like a treasure. She must find a way to strike back at these disgusting people!

Ran Xueyi quickly gathered herself and went to a fertility clinic in the city. She picked the clinic that wasn't around her and Yang Baihua's family's radar or influence. She wanted to keep this event a secret until she dropped the bomb on top of their heads.

After filling up some documents and paying the bills, a nurse led Ran Xueyi inside a room. In not just a few minutes later, a female doctor entered.

The doctor didn't ask her anything like where Ran Xueyi's partner was and remained a professional and strictly business tone when she made Ran Xueyi lie on the operating table.

With her legs spread wide, Ran Xueyi felt nervous and embarrassed.

That day, she was going for an Intrauterine Insemination (IUI). It was a procedure that would put sperm directly inside her uterus. That way, even if Ran Xueyi didn't have a partner, she would get pregnant.

And although Ran Xueyi told herself that this move was made for her revenge, she knew in her heart that this was what she really wanted.

Her fiance and friend betrayed Ran Xueyi, and even her family didn't side with her.

Today, she was making a decision that she, alone, made for herself.


Author has something to say: FL's actions might be out of anger, but don't worry, she wanted a child even before this happened to her.

ML is also not your typical cold and heartless ML. He has a soft spot for FL.