Chapter 12 - Fiancée

Li Shen looked at his bandaged arm and asked, "How is it? Are your injuries serious this time?"

"That's right. It's just that I'm feeling a little aggrieved."

Li Shen laughed when he heard this. "I rarely hear you say that you're aggrieved. Those who provoked you probably don't know how miserable they will be in the near future."

Huo Qi took a sip of wine and glared at him. Li Shen restrained his gloating. After all, this was indeed a little inappropriate.

Yet at the same time, it was rare for Huo Qi to suffer. This was indeed something new.

After some time, Huo Qi's phone rang. He picked up the call and said, "Come up and talk." Then, he hung up.

Li Shen looked at him and asked, "What's the matter?"

Huo Qi returned his gaze and said, "I got them to investigate someone."

When Huo Feng walked over, Huo Qi asked, "What did you find out?"

Huo Feng bowed slightly then nodded at Lee Shen in greeting before reporting, "I've found her, Young Master, but it'll be difficult to do anything you have in mind!" What Huo Feng meant was that it would be difficult if Huo Qi wanted to take revenge.

He continued, "Young Master, that lady is your fiancée!"

Li Shen was a little puzzled. What was Huo Feng saying? He looked at Huo Qi. "What does he mean? Who's your fiancée?"

Huo Qi was also a little surprised. He looked at Huo Feng, who nodded solemnly.

This was something that Huo Feng had personally investigated and confirmed.

In the past, Huo QI did have a fiancée, and it was a marriage that his grandfather had arranged. However, hadn't the youngest daughter of the Su family disappeared for many years? Could it really be her?!

Huo Feng understood the confusion in his young master's eyes and said, "Two days ago, she had already returned to the Su family. The Su family have also confirmed that it's really her."

Huo Qi thought about Su Qing's beautiful and cold eyes and said slowly, "What a coincidence! How can there be such a coincidence?"

Li Shen smelled the stench of gossip. "What's going on? Tell me!"

Huo Qi looked up at him and briefly recounted what had happened that day, conveniently omitting the fact that he had been kicked under the bed.

When Huo Feng heard this, he suppressed his laughter. He had been by Huo Qi's side since he was young, and this was the first time he had seen his young master feeling so aggrieved.

When Li Shen heard this, he didn't understand Huo Qi's anger. "You have to thank her for saving you! Why are you so angry?"

Huo Qi leaned back in his chair and was silent for a moment before saying, "Who's angry? Since she's my fiancée, I should pay her a visit."

When he said the word fiancée, he gritted his teeth. However, when one looked closely at the expression in his eyes, there was a hint of playfulness and even happiness in them.

Li Shen thought for a moment. Anyone who was targeted by him never had a good ending. He silently sent his blessings to this lady.

As the saying went, the paths of enemies were bound to cross. It was an apt analogy for Huo Qi and Su Qing. Huo Qi had met so many people in his life, and had seen all kinds of people. He had weathered all kinds of storms, but he just had to fall into Su Qing's trap. Moreover, he was an extremely willing party.

In love, one would have to be willing to take the lesser end of the stick, and among the two of them, this person was the insufferably arrogant young master, Huo Qi.

Su Yan looked at the things that Kong Yue had bought for Su Qing and felt jealous. She didn't even have the right to choose anything she wanted from the Su family's mall, but Su Qing had obtained this privilege immediately after she arrived!

Su Xing had also gone to inspect the mall today. He didn't expect to meet Kong Yue there. Because it was working hours, he only looked at Kong Yue and Su Qing from afar. He didn't go up to them, but instead asked his assistant to convey a message to Kong Yue that they could have lunch together.

Looking at the girl beside Kong Yue, Su Xing guessed that she should be Su Qing. He thought about the message that Su Rui had sent him just now. It was clear that Su Rui had a good impression of this sister of theirs. He even said that Su Xing should remember to foot the bill for her.

Su Xing chuckled and said to his assistant, "Put everything that my mother buys here on my tab."

The assistant nodded and bowed. "Alright, President Su." The assistant looked enviously at Su Qing, who was being led around by her mother. She wondered when she would be able to experience the feeling of having a mother buying loads of things from the mall and having her brother foot the bill.

Su Qing looked in Su Xing's direction, but he had already left with his subordinates.

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