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Chapter 5 - Her Brothers’ Intimidation

Su Yan smiled and thought to herself, I'll watch and see what happens. The arrival of Su Qing was so sudden, she might not be a threat to my position.

After staying in the Su family for so many years, she felt that she still carried some weight in the family. After all, it wasn't easy to get close to her father and her brothers.

At the thought of the five brothers who were not to be trifled with, Su Yan heaved a sigh of relief. Back then, she had to spend a long time before she managed to speak to them.

Just wait and see. There would be ample opportunities for Su Qing to experience how cold they were.

Butler Su walked over and said to Kong Yue, "Madam, Eldest Young Master just called to say that he has an important company gathering to attend today, so he won't be back for dinner."

A while later, the butler reported respectfully, "Madam, Second Young Master said that he is participating in a very important competition for the Yinshan team tonight, so he won't be coming back for dinner."

Kong Yue's expression gradually turned cold. "Number Four also told me that he's with his third brother now, and they're busy, so they won't be home."

She stood up and snapped, "Why aren't all of them coming back? All of them can't be bothered even when I invited them?"

Su Yan swallowed the words she wanted to say. Su Qian, who was also her fifth brother, had gone overseas to film this afternoon, and wouldn't be back too.

In that case…

It meant that none of the five brothers planned to return to Su Qing's welcome party tonight. It seemed like they didn't care about their biological sister's return!

She was about to die of laughter inside. This slap to Su Qing's face was really resounding!

Looking at Kong Yue's flushed face, Su Yan felt much better.

"I'd already informed these bastards in advance, but all of them still slipped away! Hmph!" Kong Yue's charming face was filled with anger.

Su Zheng's heart still ached for her wife, and he tried to placate her, "Calm down. We can always have a meal another day! The children weren't able to come back because they were all busy. Don't be angry."

Kong Yue retorted, "How can that be the same? This is Qingqing's first day back home. They should know how meaningful today is! As her brothers, they're just too uncaring!"

Su Qing looked at her and asked nonchalantly, "Why are you so angry?"

This was the longest sentence she had said today. Kong Yue and Sue Zheng looked at her. They realized that this child was a little cold and didn't like to talk to others.

"I'm angry at your brothers! They might be busy, but they didn't make time to come back and meet you!"

Su Qing could understand how much her mother valued her. She was the one who was truly happy with her return!

She shook her head. "It's fine. I don't care about this. We can talk about it later. Don't be sad."

Kong Yue looked at her serious yet cute expression. She guessed that her daughter was trying to comfort her!

Kong Yue's heart melted at her soft look! Su Qing did not know this, but her mother had already been 'seduced' by her cuteness!

How could there be such a cute girl?

How could there be someone who was so good at pretending?

That was the drastic difference between Kong Yue and Su Yan's views towards Su Qing's actions.

After all, Su Yan's hostility towards her stemmed from her greed to remain as the young miss of the Su family. She wouldn't allow anyone to take away what belonged to her!

The world was in a mess. Some people fell in love at first sight, while others recognized their enemy at first sight! They were even arch-enemies!

Su Qing didn't care about Su Yan's complicated and dark thoughts, but the phone in her pocket had already rung many times.

She stood up. "I have to take this call."

"Oh! Alright, go ahead!" Kong Yue quickly moved aside and smiled at her.

Su Zheng looked at her departing figure and frowned unhappily.

He didn't like Su Qing's cold and distant attitude towards everyone. In his heart, his precious daughter should be an obedient and sensible child like Su Yan, who would act adorably in front of him.

Su Yan looked at Su Qing coldly and thought to herself, This woman isn't as simple as she looks!

Su Qing finally picked up Sang Ning's incessant calls and frowned slightly as she said, "Do you want to die?"

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