Chereads / Lord Chu’s Wife is Wild / Chapter 6 - Ghosts in the Lu Family (1)

Chapter 6 - Ghosts in the Lu Family (1)

When she put the talisman on herself, Lu Sheng immediately disappeared.

She walked to the room where Lu Ning was in and calculated the time. When it was almost the time she had decided on, she knocked on the door thrice.

"I'm coming."

Lu Ning was still annoyed that the Chu Family did not favorably see her. The disappearance of Lu Sheng's corpse had aggravated her foul mood even further.

When she suddenly heard a knocking sound at the door, she even thought that it was from Madam Liu.

However, when she opened the door, a gust of wind suddenly blew at her face. However, there was no one outside.

Lu Ning became a bit suspicious. She glared and yelled, "Who knocked on the door?"

When no one responded, she hurriedly closed the door and locked it.

However, unbeknownst to her, when she had been dazedly standing at the door, Lu Sheng had brushed past her and entered the room.

When Lu Ning returned to her room, she became more terrified the more she thought about it.

She carefully listened and only let out a sigh of relief when she heard no sounds outside the door.

"Lu Ning, are you looking for me?"

Lu Sheng's relaxed voice suddenly rang in the room.

Lu Ning paused for a while, then suddenly screamed.

After living together for six years, she was way too familiar with Lu Sheng's voice.

She stared at the empty room in terror. Then, she ran to the door, pulled open the lock, and fearfully escaped.

Lu Sheng glanced at her, pouted, and also went out the door.

When Madam Liu heard Lu Ning's screams, she opened the door and walked out in a hurry.

"Ah Ning, what's wrong?" Madam Liu frowned.

"Mother, mother!"

With trembling hands, Lu Ning tugged Madam Liu's hands and said, "It's… It's Lu Sheng! She's back!"

When she spoke, her face was pale and tears were streaming down her cheeks.

Madam Liu was stunned. She was about to say something, but she stopped when she noticed Lu Dahua walking up from behind.

"What's wrong?" Lu Dahua suspiciously looked at Lu Ning.

"Nothing," Madam Liu gently replied. "She's just scared from a nightmare she had."

Before Lu Dahua could speak again, Madam Liu hurriedly added, "Dahua, you should sleep with Ah Jiang and Ah Xin. I'll accompany Ah Ning tonight."

When Lu Dahua heard that, he did not say anything. He merely yawned and told them to sleep early before returning to his room.

Madam Liu hurriedly pulled Lu Ning to her bedroom and softly asked, "What happened?"

"Lu Sheng, she… she came back. Just now, I heard a knocking sound and went out to check. But there was no one outside. Then, I heard Lu Sheng speaking in the room. Boo hoo!"

Lu Ning suddenly wept, and her hands tightly clutched Madam Liu, unwilling to let go.

"Did you hallucinate?" Madam Liu chuckled. "How can there be ghosts in this world? You must have heard wrong because you didn't sleep well these two days."

"Impossible!" Lu Ning shook her head. "I heard it clearly. It was really Lu Sheng's voice. Mother, mother! She… she must have come back to take our lives!"

When she saw that Madam Liu did not believe her, Lu Ning became so anxious that her whole body trembled.

"No way." Madam Liu patted her hand and softly said, "Sleep quickly. I'll sleep with you. It'll be alright tomorrow when you wake up."

Lu Ning glanced at her surroundings. When she saw that no one was there, she lay on the bed and tightly hugged her blanket.

Madam Liu smiled and also lay down beside her.

However, at that moment, the locked door suddenly crashed open and a gust of chilly wind blew in.

They both rapidly got up in shock. Lu Ning grabbed Madam Liu's waist and screamed.

"No… Nothing's wrong! Maybe I didn't close the door tightly enough, so the strong wind blew it open."

Madam Liu did not know if she was consoling Lu Ning or herself.

She clearly remembered that she had locked the door.