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Chapter 2 - How Could a Country Girl Understand Such Elegant Art

As they reached the front door of the villa, the driver rang the doorbell.

About ten seconds later, the electronic door opened from the inside. A butler-like middle-aged man appeared in front of Chi Jiao in a well-ironed suit.

"Butler Zhou, I've brought Second Miss back," the driver said with a smile.

Butler Zhou nodded indifferently. Then, his sharp and scrutinizing gaze landed on Chi Jiao.

The young lady was wearing a white sweater, a black-and-white checkered pleated skirt, and light brown deer-skin boots. She looked slender and weak, like a cub that could be bullied by anyone at will.

She lowered her head and looked extremely inferior.

Butler Zhou retracted his gaze as his lips curled into a taunting smirk.

She was indeed a girl who had been raised in the mountains. Not even daring to lift her head to look at people, and she even looked petty.

Chi Jiao had no idea that Butler Zhou had already sized her up from head to toe as she was thinking about her own matters.

In her previous life, the first time she met Quan Jue had been the first day she returned to the Chi family.

Quan Jue was the illegitimate son of the Quan family. Due to some special reasons, he had moved into the Chi family three years ago and was nominally her father's adopted son.

The reason why she had planned to return early was to see Quan Jue earlier.

She wondered if she would be able to see him later.

"Second Miss, stop standing at the door. Come in quickly." Butler Zhou took the luggage from the chauffeur.

It was only when Butler Zhou's voice was heard from above her head that Chi Jiao pulled herself out of her thoughts.

The structure of the villa was very special. From the entrance to the living room, they had to pass through a long corridor.

There were more than ten ink and wash paintings hanging on the walls of the corridor. From the style, the paintings seemed to have been done by the same person.

The style was rather distinct, but many areas were still lacking.

Chi Jiao curled her lips lightly.

Noticing that the young lady's gaze was constantly on the paintings, a look of disdain flashed across Butler Zhou's face.

"These paintings are the works of the Young Master. Young Master has been very talented at drawing since he was young. He was only eight years old when he won the grand prize in the children's category at the AC Ink Painting Competition." Butler Zhou's tone was practically overflowing with pride as he said this.

The AC Ink Painting Competition was an art competition that had only started five years ago. It was founded by the world-famous mysterious painter, AN. Anyone who could stand out in this competition would have a chance to enter the AC art studio and receive personal guidance from AN.

"Is that so? That's very impressive," Chi Jiao said indifferently. The expression on her face did not shift the slightest bit as it remained peaceful and calm.

Butler Zhou had wanted to say something when he saw the young lady's indifferent reaction.

But on second thought…

This girl has grown up in the mountains and forests. How can a country girl like her understand such elegant art?

Wouldn't he be playing the lute to a cow by talking to her about art?

Therefore, Butler Zhou simply kept quiet.

As they walked through the long entryway to the living room, they were met with a spacious view.

A group of people were seated and chatting in the living room. The atmosphere was harmonious, and they had not even noticed that someone had entered the living room.

Chi Jiao's eyes quickly scanned the group of people sitting on the couch. They were her father, stepmother, her half-brother, and her elder stepsister, whom she was not related to by blood.

But there was still no Quan Jue.

Chi Jiao pouted her lips dejectedly.

Butler Zhou first introduced the people sitting on the sofa to Chi Jiao in a soft voice. Logically speaking, apart from her father, Chi Mingwei, Chi Jiao had not met the rest of the group until she had returned to the Chi family.