Chapter 3 - Country Bumpkin

The woman sitting on the left side of her father was her stepmother, Zhu Limin. The woman sitting on her father's right, who didn't look much older than her, was her stepsister. She was also the daughter that Zhu Limin had brought over. She had changed her surname to Chi, and her name was Chi Yan. The little boy sitting on the armchair with an impatient expression was her half-brother, Chi Ze, who was eight years old this year.

Chi Jiao's gaze landed on Chi Yan.

Chi Yan was holding her father's arm intimately as they chatted. Her beautiful face, which resembled Zhu Limin's, was smiling happily.

Chi Mingwei was also listening to her with a smile.

The closeness between them was as if they were a father and daughter who were biologically related.

In the end, it was Zhu Limin who discovered Chi Jiao first.

"Hey, Jiaojiao is back." Zhu Limin smiled and waved at Chi Jiao. "Come over and sit here."

Chi Mingwei's gaze turned to Chi Jiao as he freed his arm from Chi Yan's grasp with a slightly uncomfortable look on his face.

Chi Yan was slightly taken aback before turning her gaze toward Chi Jiao as well.

The young girl was thin and weak. Her skin was cold and flawless, and her palm-sized face was exquisite like a porcelain doll. Her black and slightly curly long hair was casually draped over her shoulders, and there was a cherry hair clip on her sideburns.

Her exquisite features were flawless, clear, and beautiful.

At the same time, her delicate and petite appearance easily aroused one's desire to protect her.

Jealousy flashed across Chi Yan's eyes, but when she saw Chi Jiao's clothes, she sneered softly in disdain.

Dressed in clothes bought from a street vendor, she really did not look presentable.

"Jiaojiao, come sit here." Chi Mingwei moved to the side and made space for her.

Chi Yan and Zhu Limin's expressions changed at that.

Chi Jiao did not care about Chi Yan's ugly expression. She walked straight to Chi Mingwei's side and sat down, calling him "Dad" softly.

Chi Mingwei looked at Chi Jiao up close and examined her from head to toe with a complicated expression on his face.

"Has your body gotten better recently? Did you fall sick again?" Chi Mingwei asked.

Chi Jiao smiled faintly, revealing her dimples. "I'm already much better."

Chi Mingwei nodded. "It's good that you're feeling better. Don't return to Mount Li in the future and stay by Dad's side. I will take care of you."

Chi Jiao was a premature baby. Her mother was not in good health and had passed away due to illness less than two months after giving birth to her. At that time, Chi Jiao's health had been poor as well. She would be admitted into the hospital every other day, and even Chi Mingwei felt that he couldn't support her.

Later on, it was Chi Jiao's grandfather who took charge. He contacted his famous Chinese medicine doctor friend in Mount Li, asking him to take Chi Jiao as his god granddaughter. She was sent to his place to be raised by him.

At that time, Chi Jiao wasn't even a year old when she was sent there. It had already been seventeen years since then.

In these seventeen years, the number of times Chi Mingwei had visited Chi Jiao could be counted with one hand.

It wasn't that he did not miss his daughter. It was because Chi Jiao's god grandfather had a strange temper and refused to let him go over.

Chi Jiao's life was saved by her god grandfather. Therefore, he did not dare to offend him and could only endure it.

Now that the little pink bun in Chi Mingwei's memory had grown into a slender and elegant young lady, he was still very moved.

He owed Jiaojiao too much. He would have to slowly make it up to her in the future.

Zhu Limin's nails dug into her palms when the neglected woman saw that Chi Mingwei and Chi Jiao were getting along well.

"Mingwei, introduce the rest to Jiaojiao first," said Zhu Limin with a smile.

"What's there to introduce?" The little boy sitting on the single-seater suddenly said in a strange tone. "It's enough that Chi Jiao has our dad. There's no need to get to know us. We don't want to know her, either. Country bumpkin!"

After saying that, Chi Ze made a face at Chi Jiao.