Chereads / The Male Lead is Obsessed with Me (Book 2) / Chapter 2 - Rebirth of a Miserable Life

Chapter 2 - Rebirth of a Miserable Life

"Balderdash! 1.98 dollars! That's all for the month!" I looked at my earnings dashboard and let out a lousy curse. Even cursing is so hard to do, it seems I can't do anything right, after all.

I took hold of the laptop and is about to throw it against the wall but reconsidered. I realized I can't even do that, I am too poor to destroy something I can't even buy a replacement of.

I looked at my face in the mirror, and I felt so pathetic looking at my chubby reflection. "Why did the gods curse me with this kind of life?"

"Why do you have to be so ugly, Maru?" I asked myself and smiled bitterly. They said you must love yourself first, but even that is so hard to do.

When you are born as unlucky as I had been, you will understand exactly what I mean.

I was the ugliest among my siblings, a fatty ever since I was in my younger years. In my twenty-six years of existence, I have never had a boyfriend.

How can I when the only men who feel the need to court me are the truly desperate ones? How can they expect me to marry someone even uglier than myself?

So I simp for anime characters instead and trapped myself in creating novels about worlds I wished I was in. It's such a lonely, desperate life.

I have no career as I followed my passion to write. I ended up being a freelancer on a platform that can't even pay my bills.

I took my pouch and readied to go out, I'm out of instant noodles again!

I was midway down the street when it suddenly rained, "Just my luck, I'm the most unlucky person in the world!" I shouted and cursed myself for not taking an umbrella.

I decided to just run fast to avoid getting soaked in the rain. You see, I don't even have enough savings to allow myself to be sick.

As I turned towards the corner, just a few steps from the store, there was a screeching of the tires and then light as bright as the sun itself.

I was frozen in place as the red Ferrari struck my body... The accident happened too fast to even make a wish. I couldn't even pray.

My last thought was, "Who will pay for my funeral? I don't even have enough savings for that!"

x x x x

Just like that... my miserable life ended. I never knew what happened to my funeral, who paid for it, and who attended.

So did my unlucky streak end? Not at all... you see... I got reincarnated inside the novel I have written... as nothing more but the antagonist.

It's like, I have decided to kill myself. I should have given this character a good life if I knew she would be me. Instead, as unlucky as I have been, her fate was written just as so.

Out of hatred for myself, I have created her... the antagonist as my avatar. Fat, jealous, miserable, and weak in body, mind, and spirit.

I nervously looked at myself in the mirror, at least I'm a princess for now... but even that is not supposed to last.

On my twenty-sixth birthday, I should choose one of the male leads to marry. To make the matters worse, no matter my choice, my life is about to end.

For you see, the genius in me created an otome game- narrative where every one of the male leads has a happy ending with the protagonist.

So, to have that happy ending, they must dispose of me, the villainess.

"Welcome to a repeat of your miserable life, Maru. You always have the most pathetic destiny," I told the chubby reflection of the ugly girl before me, and hated every bit of her excess.

My twenty-sixth birthday is to happen within a month, and after that, my fate will be sealed. If the gods hate me this much, then I have no choice but to fight for myself!

I have no other recourse but to fight my own destiny, "No matter what, I'll try my best to escape this wretched life! And if no one is destined to love me, then let that be so, I shall love myself and live. This is the only way!" I shouted, which prompted my lady in waiting to enter my chambers. She humbly asked if I needed anything.

"No, I don't need anything more," I smiled, trying to put her mind at peace.

"Are you sure, princess, that there is nothing you wish for?" the lady in waiting asked, unease written on her face.

"Nothing, I have no other desire but to live," I said, smiling bitterly as confusion enveloped the maid.