Chereads / Daddy CEO's Beloved Wife / Chapter 3 - Mister Handsome, Do You Have a Girlfriend?

Chapter 3 - Mister Handsome, Do You Have a Girlfriend?

Ran Xueyi abruptly stopped the car, her heart loudly thumped within her chest as she almost drove her car against a pedestrian.

"Can't you see it's a green light?!" The woman, whom she almost hit with her car, yelled at her and stuck her middle finger at Ran Xueyi.

Ran Xueyi quickly pulled her window open to apologize, but the woman already turned away.

After this incident, she drove her car to a reputed bar where she and her circle of friends frequented. At this time, none of her friends should be in the bar since it was still in the morning. However, she wanted to grab a drink or two to numb the pain in her heart.

Pushing the door of the bar open, Ran Xueyi saw that it was empty just as she expected except for the waiter who was cleaning the tables and the bartender who was cleaning a wine glass behind the counter.

And from one of the chairs in front of the counter, there sat a man in black suit with his back straight like a rod.

"Miss Xueyi, you're here early." The bartender put the wine glass down and welcomed her warmly.

Ran Xueyi sat on one of the chairs in front of the counter and said to the bartender, "I want a shot of vodka."

The bartender blinked his eyes and replied, "Are you sure?"

Ran Xueyi nodded.

The bartender busied himself to get her drink while Ran Xueyi received a call from her friend, Qiu Lia.

Ran Xueyi tried to calm her nerves and answered the call. "Hello?"

From the other end of the line, she heard Qiu Lia's voice rang through her ears, saying, "Xueyi, are you still in the countryside? Can you buy me Pan Li Yun's works? My father has been raving over his paintings."

Ran Xueyi bit her lips and replied, "I'm at James' bar."

James was one of Ran Xueyi's childhood friends and the man who owned the reputed Phoenix club. Every rich kid and wealthy businessman visits the bar to enjoy a separate life from work and stressful events in their real life.

And as James' childhood friend and co-owner of the bar, Ran Xueyi didn't need a VVIP card to enter the bar in the morning.

Qiu Lia didn't reply for a long time that even Ran Xueyi thought that the former hung up. But when she looked down on her phone screen, the call was still connected.

Since the moment she left the mansion, Ran Xueyi felt like her world had crumbled down. So, she wanted someone to listen to her.

"Lia... do you know who Yang Baihua's woman is?" Ran Xueyi grabbed the glass of vodka in front of her and drank in it one gulp, feeling the burn of the alcohol inside her throat. Before her friend could say anything, she exposed everything, "It was Song Qian! It was his secretary all along!"

Upon hearing her, Qiu Lia blurted out, "How did you find out? Did you see them together?"

How did I find out? Ran Xueyi stared at her glass in disbelief. "You knew about them already?"

A deafening silence answered her question. Ran Xueyi could already imagine this friend of hers panicking after blurting out something she shouldn't have.

"You knew about it and never said a word to me."

Qiu Lia hesitated before saying, "I'm really sorry, Xueyi. I wanted to tell you when I found them together, but everyone stopped me. They threatened me that if I told you Yang Baihua's secret, they'll expel me out of the circle."

"Who else knew about his secret?"

Qiu Lia: "E-everyone..."


Ran Xueyi slammed the glass on the counter. It broke into pieces and her hand that was holding the shards bled out.

"Xueyi? What was that sound? Are you alright?" Qiu Lia's voice came from the phone.

Ran Xueyi laughed and replied in anger, "Now, you're acting like a friend?"

Before she could reply to Qiu Lia's reply, Ran Xueyi pressed the phone screen and ended the call.

'What a good fiancé, family and friends I have!'

Yang Baihua, Song Qian, her parents, and friends... These people laughed at her making a fool out of herself, running around, and smiling like a clown. She had no idea that all of them were lying to her, even her closest friends chose to keep Yang Baihua's secret.

Thinking of this, Ran Xueyi's mouth pulled upwards, revealing a mocking smile. Then, she looked up at the bartender, who was caught watching her.

The Ran Xueyi he knew was a gentle and beautiful woman, but at this moment, the woman before him was exuding an extremely dark and evil aura.

It was like watching an angel turn into a villain or a devil.

Ran Xueyi no longer cared about the image she created to impress Yang Baihua. In order for him to like her, she made sure to suit his taste in women, kind, compassionate, gentle and friendly.

However, now that their lies were out, she no longer needed to keep up with the appearances.

As for what she should do after this...

Ran Xueyi sneered. She had something in mind, but she needed someone to become her partner in crime for her plans to succeed.

"Miss, are you alright?" Suddenly, a masculine voice rang out from beside her. "Your hand is bleeding." He took out a black handkerchief from his front chest pocket.

Ran Xueyi turned to look at the man and paused.

The man sitting a chair away from her had a short hair and was wearing a slim-fit black suit. Just from a glance of his face, you would assume that he was an A-list celebrity who was popular because of his handsome face.

However, Ran Xueyi knew almost every top actors and idols in the entertainment industry, and she had never seen this man before.

The man moved his eyes and blinked. He was waiting for her to take the handkerchief.

Suddenly, a crazy idea came to Ran Xueyi's mind.

Instead of taking the handkerchief the man was offering her, Ran Xueyi took hold of his hand.

"Mister Handsome, do you have a girlfriend?"

The handsome man: "..."