Chapter 4 - The Su Family

However, over the years, many people with ulterior motives had tried to masquerade as their daughter, hence Su Zheng was already very experienced in this aspect.

Su Qing glanced at Kong Yue, and the coldness in her eyes slowly dissipated.

Within a few hours, Su Zheng received the paternity test results, and finally smiled at Su Qing unguardedly.

He heaved a long sigh of relief and said slowly, "Our family can finally be reunited!"

Kong Yue was the happiest. She smiled at Su Qing. "I've already informed your five brothers to come back. Let's have a family dinner together to welcome you, my dear daughter!" Her eyes were moist again.

After helping Su Qing unpack her small luggage, Kong Yue said gently to her, "You should rest at home today. The past is in the past. If there's a chance…"

She looked at her daughter and said carefully, "If there's a chance, or if you're willing, can you tell me about how you had lived your life over the years?"

Su Qing was not repulsed by Kong Yue's gentleness. Her heart felt warm and comfortable, and she was fascinated by the surge of new emotions within her.

She looked at Kong Yue and nodded gently.

The decor of her room was very new, and it was obvious that it was often tidied and cleaned. It was probably a guest room previously, Su Qing thought.

She wasn't very tired, nor did she want to rest in this unfamiliar place. She gently opened the door and walked out.

Her room was at the corner of the second floor. She only needed to walk a few steps before she could see the living room downstairs.

Su Yan walked in with her bag. When she saw Su Zheng and Kong Yue sitting on the sofa together, she immediately smiled obediently. "Daddy, Mommy."

Su Zheng looked up and smiled at her. "Xiao Yan, you're back."

"There's great news today!" Kong Yue said.

Su Yan sat down beside her and asked with a smile, "What good news?"

Kong Yue looked at her. "We found Qingqing!"

Su Yan was stunned. "Who?"

"Your sister, Su Qing?" Kong Yue looked serious as she said, "Your father and I have been looking for her for so many years. Finally, the heavens have blessed us, and returned her to us!"

Su Yan's mind went blank.

Su Qing was back? The youngest daughter of the Su family who had been missing for many years? She was back?


She was the "Young Miss" who had been adopted by Su Zheng and his wife for many years. Did that still count? When she heard footsteps behind her, she turned around and saw Su Qing, who looked noble and aloof.

At this moment, many complicated emotions flashed across Su Yan's heart. In the end, they were all replaced by a forced smile.

"Is that her? Have you done the DNA test? There are many people who want to scam the Su family after all!"

Kong Yue looked up slightly and asked Su Qing, "What's wrong? Tell Mommy if you need anything else!"

At this moment, she only had eyes for her precious daughter, Su Qing, so she didn't seem to hear Su Yan's words.

Su Yan felt very uncomfortable when she saw how considerate and caring Kong Yue was towards Su Qing.

Her adoptive mother had always treated her well. All these years, she had also received a lot of care and motherly love.

But now, was she going to have to give up all of this to another person? Su Qing was, after all, their biological daughter.

The atmosphere became a little awkward. Su Yan's smile froze, and her expression did not escape Su Zheng's eyes. He replied, "It's already been confirmed. Su Qing will always be staying at home in the future. You're a year older than her, so you have to take good care of her."

Su Yan nodded slowly and replied obediently, "Alright, I understand, Daddy."

She looked at Su Qing and smiled softly. "Hello, Sister Qing. I'm your elder sister, and my name is Su Yan. From now on, there won't be just one girl in this family. How nice." Despite her friendly words, her gaze seemed rather different.

Su Qing wasn't stupid. On the contrary, she was extremely smart.

It was just that sometimes, she was slower when it came to emotions and relationships, but she also understood some of the meaning behind Su Yan's words.

Looking at Su Yan's face, she nodded lightly.

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