Chereads / Lord Chu’s Wife is Wild / Chapter 5 - Back To The Village

Chapter 5 - Back To The Village

Lu Sheng was unaware of the murder case, but she could tell that something was amiss.

Furthermore, after the sun had set, the town's Yin energy had intensified.


After two hours, Lu Sheng reached Liu Yue Village.

However, she was not in a hurry to enter the village. She sat at the torn-down hut at the entrance of the village.

She waited till the last light of the night was put out before moving. She casually walked out of the hut and headed toward the Lu Family.

At the Lu Family, everyone was still awake, except for the youngest children, Lu Jiang and Lu Xin.

Because of his loss of five hundred taels, Lu Dahua was still angry at Lu Sheng, who had allegedly escaped.

Madam Liu and Lu Ning felt uneasy.

Lu Sheng's body was in the lake. Logically speaking, it should have floated up. But they still hadn't seen it.

They had confirmed a few times that Lu Sheng was indeed dead.

Can a dead person run off?

They were rather anxious.

Madam Liu had initially wanted Lu Sheng to die so that Lu Ning could marry off to the Chu Family.

Then, she would pin Lu Sheng's death on the annulment of her engagement with Duan Zhen, which saw her committing suicide.

However, with the dead body missing, her plan could not proceed.

Moreover, the Chu Family did not want Lu Ning even though Lu Sheng had disappeared.

She did not know which idiot had told the Chu Family that Lu Ning was not the biological daughter of the Lu Family.

Currently, Madam Liu was filled with hatred and panic.

She feared the others would find out what she and her daughter had done.

If their deed was discovered, their lives would be destroyed.

Under the law of Xuan Yue Country, there was only one punishment for the crime of murder: the death penalty.

In the other room, Lu Ran, who would seldom go home, sat with teary eyes. His eyes were unfocused.

Before his mother died, she had instructed him to take good care of his sister.

However, throughout the years, he was enraged at the fact that his father had married Madam Liu even though not one year had passed since his mother's death.

This had resulted in his reluctance to return home. He would rather spend his time with the gangsters.

A few days ago, he was not in the village. When he returned today, he was told that his sister had gone missing.

He followed the villagers and had basically searched the entire village. He had even gone to the mountains, but he found no trace of his sister.

Someone guessed that she had escaped to the town to find Duan Zhen, but Duan Zhen had just returned to the village today.

Lu Ran had gone to the Duan Family to inquire about his sister, but Duan Zhen claimed that he did not see her.

Duan Zhen was an arrogant man. Even though he did not like Lu Sheng, he had no reason to lie.

After sitting for a while, Lu Ran suddenly stood up. He decided to go out and find her.

Lu Sheng had just entered the Lu Family's courtyard when she heard the sound of the door opening. She hurried to hide at the back of the kitchen.

She saw a skinny silhouette walk out. It walked out of the courtyard and went toward the entrance.

From the owner's memory, Lu Sheng knew the room belonged to her brother, Lu Ran.

Therefore, the black silhouette should belong to Lu Ran.

Where is he going at this hour?

She frowned and contemplated whether she should follow him.

However, she then remembered she had a more important task to do, which made her give up the thought of following him.

The Lu Family was not rich. It could even be said that they were poor.

Madam Liu and Lu Dahua stayed in a room. Lu Jiang and Lu Xin stayed in another. Lu Ran had his own room, while the owner and Lu Ning stayed in one room.

The house was a typical mud thatched hut made of mud and grass.

It was worse than her master's bamboo house in the mountains.

When Lu Ran was some distance away, Lu Sheng took out a talisman and put it on herself to make herself invisible.