The Male Lead is Obsessed with Me (Book 2)

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Chapter 1 - Synopsis

A reverse harem love story where Maru Akari reincarnated into the story she has written.

She woke up and found herself possessing the body of the antagonist. They were supposed to hate her, despise her, and as it was, plan to kill her.

Then, why is it that the three male leads seem to care for her, to protect her, and to excessively like her so?

x x x x

"A dear friend, is that all I am to you? Then explain to me Maru, explain why you look at me the way you do. Why do I see in your eyes a replica of the fire ignited within my soul every time you are near? Why do you want me, Maru, exactly just as much as I want you?"

x Paris Le'blanc, the Duke of Meredith. Pink-haired, golden eyes that are ever mischievous, aristocratic nose, and lips known to pull women into his orbit, to circle around him until it is too late to escape. Stands tall at 6'2 feet. Broad shoulders and with a muscular build. He is known as the ultimate Casanova in the entire kingdom of Aurora. With his estate more than double the size of half of the kingdom, women are dying to be his bride. Then why is it that the 31-year-old Duke remains a bachelor after all this time? And why is it that the only woman he has not attempted to ruin is his childhood friend, Maru?

x x x x

"You ask me why I kissed you? I kissed you because I wanted to Maru, I kissed you because every cell in my body craves for a touch of your skin, the warmth of your breath... Damn all the hells Maru, I kissed you because I wanted to, and that is that."

x Daisuke Kane. Silver-haired, blue aquamarine eyes, aristocratic nose, and lips that make women's hearts melt. Stands tall at 6'2 feet. Broad shoulders and with a muscular build. A perfect gentleman at 30. He applied as Princess Maru's butler, but why is he too knowledgeable about stately affairs, and why does he care about the princess more than necessary?

x x x x

"You think I don't feel anything for you at all? That when I look into your eyes all I see is an obligation, that I'm just as cold as ice as the world painted me to be? Then tell me, Maru, do you not feel this stone-hard evidence of my desire? Do you not see how much I wanted to devour your mind, body, and soul? I want you Maru... crazy... obsessively so... and I want you to want me too."

x Rin Saito. The Prince of Selene. Raven hair, eyes the color of the night sky, aristocratic nose, and lips that barely even smile. Stands tall at 6'3 feet. Broad shoulders, with a muscular build, and every bit a picture of stone-cold elegance. He has been the princess's fiance since childhood, their engagement is supposed to be nothing but a sham, a way to unite two neighboring kingdoms, a way to keep the peace. Then why is it that he has remained celibate, refusing to touch anyone else but her, his betrothed?