Chereads / Daddy CEO's Beloved Wife / Chapter 2 - Cheating Couple

Chapter 2 - Cheating Couple

"Babe, when are you going to break up with her?" a seductive voice came out from the slightly ajar door.

Inside the room, the woman straddled the man's legs and coquettishly started to unbutton the front of his shirt and pouted her lips as they sat on the couch.

The man she was straddling was instantly enchanted by her charms and caressed her cheeks. "Our family already discussed and finalized our engagement. I can't break up with her."

"But I can't stand looking at her with you!"

The man sighed and kissed the top of her nose. "You're not the only one who can't stand her! I also can't wait to divorce her as soon as I get my inheritance." The man's eyes were cold as he remembered why he was forced to a loveless engagement.

Upon seeing the hatred in his eyes, the woman faintly smiled and kissed his lips.

The two soon engaged into a passionate kiss that they didn't notice that someone was standing before the room they were in.

With glowering eyes filled with hatred and unshed tears, Ran Xueyi looked at the two in shock as they continued to kiss passionately and not caring about who could see them.

The man sitting below the woman was her fiance, Yang Baihua, the young master of the Yang family. While the woman he was holding right now was none other than his secretary, Song Qian.

Holding the door knob until her fingertips turned white, Xueyi felt extremely awful. She had been away for a couple of nights because she had a fight with Yang Baihua. She had her own suspicion that he was cheating on her and keeping mistresses behind her back.

But who could have known that the mistress was just right before her eyes!

A couple of days ago, she confronted him and asked him if he was cheating on her. It didn't matter to Xueyi if he had several other one-night stands with women, but she had hoped that he would stop since their wedding was around the corner.

But instead of admitting to her accusations, Yang Baihua convinced her into thinking that she was overthinking. He also said that he already quit meeting with other women after they got engaged, and the only woman he will love in this life will be her.

Yang Baihua even convinced her into taking a vacation in the countryside to enjoy fresh air and get rid of the stress she was experiencing.

However, there was a typhoon coming to the countryside where Ran Xueyi was staying. With no other choice, she decided to come back earlier before the storm could trap her there.

But now, Ran Xueyi didn't know if she should laugh or cry.

If she hadn't returned and there was no typhoon, she might live her life as the stupidest woman in the world!

She might even invite the snake into her own house while playing as the clueless wife of the year!

Ran Xueyi felt as if she was kicked into a curb like a dog.

From the year she was engaged to Yang Baihua, she dedicated the latter years of her life to him, making sure that he was included in her life. Her friends, who were the daughters and heirs of several wealthy people, wouldn't accept Yang Baihua because of his history of being a scumbag in the city. However, Ran Xueyi persuaded her friends to include him into their circle and Yang Baihua successfully made friends with them.

Ran Xueyi's hands formed into a fist. Her nails dug into her palms almost drawing blood from it.

Wiping the tears that were threatening to drip down her cheeks, Ran Xueyi turned around to leave.

She ran straight to her car in the parking lot. When she closed the door, she took a deep breath and released it.

The next day.

After staying a night in a hotel alone, Ran Xueyi went to her family's mansion to tell everyone of what she had found. After she carefully thought about everything, she decided to run to her family and tell them that she and Yang Baihua were incompatible.

She wanted to tell them that she'd rather pick a beggar on the street than marry Yang Baihua, that scumbag.

As she stopped at the gate, the guard smiled at her.

"Young miss, you've returned. How was your vacation?"

"It was great." Taking something out from a bag in the backseat, she handed a souvenir to the guard. "I bought a lot of things while I was in the countryside."

While she was in the countryside where her grandparents lived, Ran Xueyi enjoyed her time there. She tasted the delicacies there and enjoyed the experience. She bought a lot of souvenirs for the children of the family and even bought some for the servants.

As she handed the small pouch to the guard, from the corner of her eyes, Ran Xueyi saw the front door being pushed open where several recognizable figures came out.

Upon seeing her family, Ran Xueyi almost smiled, but her smile didn't reach a higher notch as she saw two figures hugging each other coming outside along with them.

It was Yang Baihua and Song Qian.

What are they doing here?

This cheating couple shouldn't have the face to show to her family!

But as she was wondering what Yang Baihua and Song Qian were doing in her family's mansion, she saw them reaching out to hold hands in front of her family as if it was a normal occurrence.

Her family didn't flinch nor berate the cheating couple.

On the contrary, they even smiled brighter than the time when Ran Xueyi was with Yang Baihua.

Suddenly, a horrible thought entered her mind.

No! This isn't true...They can't have known about them, right? Her family should have been scammed by Yang Baihua and they had no clue about what was going on between the two of them.

So, why are you guys smiling at them? Why are you laughing as if they were your real children?


Snapping out her thoughts as the guard was staring at her in concern.

"I... I forgot something. I'll bring it back later. For now, don't..." she took a pause to take a deep breath and continued, "Don't tell anyone about my arrival. Please..."

Without waiting for the guard to reply, Ran Xueyi stirred the steering wheel and pulled out of the gateway.

Ran Xueyi sat straighter in the front seat and looked at the distance with a cold gaze.