Chereads / Lord Chu’s Wife is Wild / Chapter 4 - First Meeting

Chapter 4 - First Meeting

Chu Sihan did not speak.

The still surprised Chu Yun stared at Chu Sihan and asked, "Lord, you're referring to the beggar?"

Chu Sihan remained silent.

However, Chu Yun already understood who he was referring to.

Yet, he felt doubtful. When did the Lord have this thing called "sympathy"?

Chu Yan did not dare to inquire further. He took the pouch with the taels and walked over to Lu Sheng.

Sensing someone's nearing presence, Lu Sheng turned her head and saw a pouch being thrown at her leg.

The young man in front of her just turned away.

She hurriedly picked up the bag and shouted, "Young Master, you have dropped your pouch of taels!"

Chu Yun did not even turn his head as he replied, "It's yours."

"I will not receive anything I've not worked for!"

She could tell that the bag contained at least ten silver taels.

If it were six copper taels, she could accept it; but ten taels of silver, never.

She preferred self-earned money.

Although, she had only spent her master's money in her previous life.

Seeing Chu Yun's furthering presence, her impatience got the better of her. She threw the pouch at Chu Yun.

One could hear the clanging of the taels as they dropped on the ground.

Lu Sheng saw Chu Yun rubbing the back of his neck and gritting his teeth, and a chill ran down her spine.

Chu Sihan, who viewed the scene, became surprised. He then smiled, but the smile disappeared in an instant.

He did not expect the kind beggar to possess such great spirit.


Chu Yun furiously turned his head. He gritted his teeth and shot daggers at Lu Sheng.

"Erm… it's not intentional."

She had already said that she did not want it, but he had refused to take it back.

Her intention was to only return the taels. Little did she expect she would have such good accuracy.

She touched the tip of her nose, and her face reflected innocence.

Chu Yun bent down to collect the taels. With an angry expression, he humphed, turned away, and walked back to Chu Sihan.

"Lord, she doesn't want it."

His tone was pitiful.

It was only then that Lu Sheng realized that another man, dressed in white, was present here.

When she saw his face, she was surprised.

She had thought that her master possessed the most handsome face in her life.

However, she saw a man who possessed a handsomeness equivalent to that of her master. She could've never expected that.

Her master was an old man in his hundreds, who looked like a twenty-year-old young man.

However, her master was a man of rigid thinking. One could immediately tell that he was not a young man.

The man in front of her was different. His eyes did not possess the vicissitudinous glint that one would have after seeing the world in its various facets.

One could tell that he was a young man.

The man silently stood at a side, and his handsome face hardly had an expression. His eyes reflected authority without him even having to rage.

When she saw him looking at her, the sides of Lu Sheng's lips tugged before she turned to leave.

"Lord, let's return early to rest." Chu Yun reminded him.


Chu Sihan answered before retracting his gaze from Lu Sheng.

He returned to Huang Yang Town this time for two reasons. The first was to investigate a murder case.

The second was to stop the marriage that his parents had arranged for him.

Although the national advisor held a high status in Xuan Yue Country, where he even had the same status as the emperor,

Chu Sihan had always believed in himself, not supernatural affairs. Therefore, he could not believe the national advisor's words.

Furthermore, he would rather stay single than marry a woman he had not seen before.


Seeing that evening had approached, Lu Sheng prepared to travel to Liu Yue Village.

It took about two hours to travel from Huang Yang Town to Liu Yue Village.

By the time she reached the village, it would be night time, which happened to be the sleeping time of Liu Yue villagers.

Because of the recent murder case, the checks in town were rather strict.

Those who did not leave the town by nine in the night would most probably have to stay there for the night.

Since it was confirmed that the murderer was a man, women faced less strict checks.

Women were only checked for their appearance and their gender.

For men, the checks were more stringent, where even their looks, height, and footprint were checked.