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Daddy CEO's Beloved Wife

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Chapter 1 - Excerpt:

"Mommy, I want to eat dinner with daddy," the little one said.

Xueyi couldn't resist her son's charm and reluctantly said yes.

The next day.

"Mommy, I heard from my classmates that they sleep with their parents. Can I call daddy to sleep with us?"

Xueyi rejects the idea but when her son started to cry and throw a tantrum, she finally gave in.

And the next day, again.

"Mommy, I want a little sister from mommy and daddy. Go and make one for me!" the little one demanded and then winked to his dad who was standing behind him.

But things didn't end there as the father of her child started to demand things from her just like their son.

Husband: "Wife, I got a free ticket to M country. We can treat this as our honeymoon vacation and make a baby sister to our son."

Xueyi: "Scram! Sleep on the sofa!"

Thus, starts Xueyi's life filled with love from both her husband and son.


Author has something to say: Yay! Another novel created!

This is a slow burn romance with tons of fluff and heart-warming romance mixed it with revenge, business modern world, entertainment world, and comedy.

Warning: You will be addicted to this novel.

Pairing: 1v1+baby = 3 (Powerful, cold yet naughty ML x Smart and vengeful Mommy FL)



This book is fictional. All names, characters, places, groups, scenes, and etc., that will be written in this book are all fictional and/or just the Author's imagination.

Any reference to historical events, real people, or real places are used fictitiously.

And if there are any similarities in the real world, it is purely coincidence and not intentional.

I hope that the readers won't confuse this book with the reality.

Copyright © by Poison Lily

All rights reserved.

Ps. Enjoy reading!