Chereads / Lord Chu’s Wife is Wild / Chapter 2 - Mistaken For A Beggar

Chapter 2 - Mistaken For A Beggar

Meanwhile, Lu Sheng, who everyone thought had gone missing, was casually shopping while chewing on her apple at Huang Yang Town.

After completing her swim at the lake, she had gone to a dilapidated house at the front of the village and spent her night there in front of a campfire.

She had only left Liu Yue Village at dawn.

The memory of the owner of this body had given her the knowledge of the murderer and their motives for her death.

The owner's sister, Lu Ning, wanted to replace her and marry the county magistrate.

Therefore, she had collaborated with the owner's stepmother, Madam Liu. The duo had suffocated the owner to death when she was sound asleep in the middle of the night. Then, they had thrown her into the lake.

Thankfully, she had reached there fast, or the body would have decomposed.

She had been dining at her noodles' restaurant when she died from gas poisoning. As she woke up, she found herself inside the water.

It was only after a while passed that she realized she had transmigrated.

She had sat at the lakeside for long and only left when she had accepted what had happened.

For now, she did not want to return to Liu Yue Village, for the owner would have died in vain then.

She had to let Madam Liu and Lu Ning voluntarily admit their crime. Only that could give the owner's soul some peace.

"How much is this meat bun?"

Lu Sheng passed by a bun shop, and she could not help but drool.

The space bracelet her master gave to her only contained vegetables, live fishes, and prawns.

She had eaten grilled fish the previous night, and when she smelled the meat today, her stomach growled.

She realized she should have bought more pork belly and placed them in the space bracelet when she had gone grocery shopping with Master.

"Where did this beggar come from? Please leave."

The stall owner impatiently looked at her, his gestures were akin to a man chasing away an annoying housefly.

Lu Sheng paused and lowered her to scrutinize herself.

The sight left her speechless.

Her clothes were ragged, and she was missing one shoe.

Then, she took out a small mirror and looked at herself.

Her small face looked filthy, and her hair was unkempt as though she had not washed or combed it for years.

She silently kept her mirror. After eying the meat bun, she humphed and walked over to the next stall.

The next stall was also selling meat buns. However, this stall's owner didn't chase her off. He even gave her two meat buns in a paper bag.

"Lady, you must be hungry. This is for you."

"Thank you!"

Lu Sheng threw the apple she was eating, which was only left with a seed now, into a bamboo-made bin filled with garbage.

Then, she smiled and reached out her hands to receive the buns. After that, she took out the copper taels in her pocket and handed them over to the stall owner.

Amid his surprise, the stall owner saw that the taels had already been forced onto his hands.

He looked at the taels before shouting, "Lady, one bun costs one copper tael."

"Really?" Lu Sheng retraced her steps and looked at the stall owner. She smiled as she said, "Then, pack two more buns for me."


After keeping the money, the stall owner merrily packed two more buns for her.

Lu Sheng had just taken two steps when she heard the owner from the first meat bun stall lament. "Even beggars can afford to eat meat buns now. How unlucky!"

Lu Sheng raised her eyebrows when she heard those words.

She then pulled out a yellow talisman and murmured some words.

The passers-by stared at her with dumbfounded expressions.

Moments later, the yellow talisman in her hand suddenly burnt, but no one noticed the scene.

It was only after the yellow talisman had burnt to ashes that an evil smile appeared on her lips.

Her master had once said that everyone had their own way of living. Others had the right to disagree, but they still had to respect it.

The first stall owner was one who bullied the weak and feared the strong. He bullied the kind and feared the evil.

After Lu Sheng left, the first meat bun stall had not sold any buns while the second stall had finished selling all of his not long later.