Chereads / Lord Chu’s Wife is Wild / Chapter 3 - A "Beggar" Gifting Beggars

Chapter 3 - A "Beggar" Gifting Beggars

What Lu Sheng had just burnt was a Talisman of a Little Man, which she had drawn herself.

Her master was a cultivator, and ever since she could remember things, she had been cultivating alongside her master.

Even though she was not at her master's level, her master had acknowledged her talent in cultivation.

Her master had always commented on her frivolous attitude when she would refuse to learn the proper things. She would always try to learn the unorthodox and sinister tricks.


If only she had listened to her master and not gone out to dine alone, she would have avoided the gas leakage and her eventual death.

Thankfully, God blessed her with another life.

It must have been for her kind character.


Liu Yue Village was still searching for Lu Sheng.

However, Lu Sheng was holding on to her buns in front of a pastry shop. She stared at the two taels on her palm and zoned out.

She only had six taels in total, which a lady had thrown to her when she was taking a break while sitting beside a wall by the street.

The lady had said that she did not have enough taels because she had left home in a hurry. She also said that if they were to meet again, she would give her more taels.

Moreover, the lady had even asked her servant to give Lu Sheng an apple, which was the apple she had eaten just before.

Her master had once said, "One should not be too greedy." Lu Sheng knew that since she already had buns, she should not ask for pastries.

After convincing herself, Lu Sheng sighed and put the remaining two taels back into her pocket.

Life is too hard!

Lu Sheng raised her head and looked at the sky. It was still early. When it was dark, she would go back to Liu Yue Village.

She had forecasted that the winds would be strong later, and the night would make it easier for her to do what she wanted.

"Lady, please exercise some kindness and give me some food!"

Lu Sheng was passing by the pastry shop when someone suddenly hugged her leg.

She lowered her head and saw a disheveled old lady eyeing pitifully at her meat bun.

A young boy stood beside the old lady. His face was filthy, but his eyes were clear and bright.

The boy scrutinized Lu Sheng and spoke to the old lady, "Grandma, you've begged the wrong person. She's also a beggar."

Lu Sheng was speechless.

When she heard those words, the old lady stared at Lu Sheng and then released her hand.

With an embarrassed expression, she spoke, "My eyesight is poor, so I can't clearly see things. I didn't expect you to be a pitiful person like us."

The words again left Lu Sheng speechless.

"Take it."

After hesitating for a moment, Lu Sheng reluctantly gave the only two buns she had to the old lady.

The duo wolfed down the buns, which made Lu Sheng sigh.

I am indeed too kind!

At the restaurant opposite her, a man in a white outfit was sitting on the second level. He happened to witness the scene happening below. His originally calm eyes became filled with interest.

"Lord, what are you watching?"

A high-ranking county magistrate, who was in his uniform, could not suppress his curiosity when he saw the usually-calm man chuckle.

The follower of the young man in the white outfit also could not help but peak down.

However, he only saw a pair of old and young beggars eating buns, and nothing special.

He retracted his neck in a confused manner.


The man in the white outfit calmly retraced his gaze. He then stood up and said, "It's getting late. I have some matters to attend to. I shall leave now."


Upon hearing the man's words, the high-raking county magistrate hurriedly stood up and sent him and the follower to the restaurant's entrance.

When Chu Sihan came out, he happened to see the kind-hearted beggar who had given the other beggars her food. She was standing on the bridge with her head slanted and a willow leaf in her mouth. Her thoughts were unknown.

He told Chu Yun. "Give that lady over there ten silver taels."


Chu Yun followed his line of sight but remained confused. "Where's the lady?"

He only saw a beggar in ragged clothing on the bridge, but not a lady.